The Day Before The First Day

Today is the day before the first day of the rest of my life. Tomorrow, I start an eight week Biggest Loser regime. 8 weeks. 56 days. 1344 hours. It is not that long of a period of time, but it will hopefully be enough to start a major change in my life.

Today was sign up day. I went to the meeting. I knew no one. I did my weigh in.. UGH. 263 pounds. Harsh. 42 pounds less than my highest weight… but still a lot more than what I should weigh. One day at a time! I did my paperwork…did my 45 mins of cardio.. wanted to die, but made it through it.

Came home with all of my information to start figuring out what I can eat.. This is going to be ROUGH.

Tomorrow starts the diet portion…Let’s hope this 56 days go by fast!


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